What is special about our Mangoes from naturalmangoes.com?

Our Mangoes have unique flavor and taste as it is purely 100% natural. No carbide, No chemicals, its free from all such easy marketing techniques. It can be defined only if you taste it. No other mangoes can compete its delicious taste, fame and name that carries for decades.

How to place online order?

Simply, click on order or pre-order button then fill the no. of quantity of your order, then update your cart to proceed payment.

How to make a payment?

After placing order, you will get your total billing amount then you can pay by our online payment service partner RazorPay/PayU/PayTM, using your credit card or debit card or net banking or UPI.

How do I know my Order has been confirmed?

Once the payment authorization is received for your order, you will receive an email with the details and order ID and expected delivery time also. When we ship the item, the manifest will be mailed to you, which contains all the required information about your delivery.

What is the minimum quantity I can order?

It depends on the mango varieties you select. You can place order minimum quantity in 5 kgs/ 10 kgs for all mango varieties

What is the delivery period in Chennai?

Please allow 2 ~ 3 business days for deliveries in Chennai. There will be no delivery on Sunday and Government holidays.

What is the delivery period for rest of Tamilnadu & Pondicherry?

Please allow 3 ~ 5 business days for rest of Tamilnadu and Pondicherry. There will be no delivery on Sunday and Government holidays.

What is the delivery period for rest of India?

Please allow 5 ~ 8 business days for Pan India deliveries. There will be no delivery on Sunday and Government holidays.

What about shipping charges?

We charge flat shipping charges of Rs.200 per 10 Kgs within Tamilnadu and Rs.600 for PAN India shipment. Shipment charges are doubled for every 10 Kgs.

What about return policy?

You are aware that fruits such as mangoes perishable item, so we do not offer any return policy. And we do not entertain cancellation.

What, if I got damage or bad mangoes?

Just take a picture and mail us immediately with your order details. So, we arrange free replacement for bad or damage mangoes in your next order. We provide discount coupon code which you can use that code on your next order to settle claim for the mangoes you had received.

How does the fruit mature and How to know whether the mangoes are ready to eat?

First, the raw mangoes are harvested from the tree. They are then laid on specially prepared haystacks, where they mature the natural way. Eventually, as the fruit matures, the color of the mangoes turns from green to golden yellow and start imparting a unique and sweet aroma. This time is considered the best for packing these mouth-watering ripened mangoes.

You know mangoes are ready when they feel SOFT if you gently press it in your hand with fingers against your palm, when they smell sweet at the top, when they have wrinkles on the skin. It is NOT necessary that mangoes will turn completely yellow the way they show it on TV, they might be semi green since they are naturally ripe.

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